Management Consulting

In this vertical, our focus is to bring forward our expertise to the clients utilizing the following techniques:

  • Business Process Management
  • Strategy Development
  • Contract Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Procurement  Management 

Currently  our firm is closely working with a Contract & Vendor Management branch of a State Department in helping them with:  

  • Procurement Strategy
  • Contract Negotiation and
  • Vendor Management


Technology Consulting

In this vertical, our focus is to deliver solutions using newer and improvised tool sets for technology which include the following:  

  • Java-Based Frameworks 
  • Open-Source Technologies
  • Cloud-Based Development
  • End-to-End Integration
  • Systems Security & SSO
  • BI Solutions 

Our experts are currently working in state departments leading the effort of delivering multiple state of the art technology solutions around SaaS, Data Analytics and SharePoint to name the few.